Stabilizing, lifting & capturing are the 3 vital components associated with a successful lifting operation. Remove any one of these and the results could be disastrous for the victim & rescuers. This class is designed to provide students with a better understanding of the lifting & stabilization equipment typically used in the fire service. The objective of this class is to understand the 3 aspects of a lifting operation; stabilizing, lifting, and capturing the load and tying them together to insure a positive outcome. The focus will be Hands on Learning as the students rotate through real life scenarios involving motor vehicles, construction equipment, big rigs, underpins, underides, extremity pins and more. Students will get plenty of tool time using High & Low pressure airbags, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic rescue tools, cribbing, Res-q-Jacks, Pneumatic Struts, Hydra-fusion jacks, Griphoists, chain & binders etc.