Good Evening Paul,

I’d like to say thank you very much for the excellent training put on in Leominster on Friday and Saturday. I can say that it was one of the best trainings I have attended in my career and will be a tough one to beat.  Your team is truly professional and adept at translating real world experience into understandable curriculum.

Best Regards,

 Lisa Hamill


Monson Fire & Emergency Services

May 24, 2022


Good afternoon Paul,

I wanted to send a note to say thank you for a great class. The instructors that you sent were awesome. We had a great weekend and we learned a lot from your instructors. They also provided us with some ideas for new rope equipment in the future. Just wanted to let you know that the instructors were great, and the class was very good and met our expectations.

Thanks again,

Chief Keith Milton

East Great Plains Fire Dept.


I just wanted to thank you again for putting on an excellent class at the Heavy Rescue Conference. Your instructors are top notch and the scenarios were excellent. It was great to use a lot of equipment that I had never used, and also brush up on the basics. 

I look forward to taking more classes from you in the future. Thanks again!

Marc Perry 

Wilmington Fire Department 

September 5, 2021

Just a quick note to thank and recognize the instructors we worked with last night from CCFT. After 30 years doing this it's awesome to have experienced instructors who have people skills and can train a mixed group of experiences from probies to veterans and keep everyone's interest and attention.
Capt. D. Katzbek

S Windsor Fire Dept
August, 2021


Thank you again for a great class, the guys thoroughly enjoyed it and have learned quite a bit, the class absolutely exceeded expectations. Please send Russ our thanks as well. 

George Sticca

Town of Farmington Fire Department


Thank you again for the training opportunity. I will discuss with my training committee future classes. All of our members that attended have nothing but compliments regarding your curriculum and the knowledge of the instructors. I look forward to further educating our membership with CT Custom Fire Training. 


Alexander W. Dennett

1st Assistant Chief

Bedford Hills Fire Department 


Just wanted to say the guys and I from E220/L122 had an awesome time in the one day lift and stabilization class. We learned a lot and are still digesting it, and plan to bring a lot of the concepts that apply to our job back to the house. And it's always cool to meet guys from other departments to see how they do business.                        Brian Zeankowski FDNY L-122 Enfield Lifting & Stabilization May 5, 2018


Your guys are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you again for working with us!! Your company truly meets the needs of the dept taking your training. 

 Two Thumbs Up!!!

Captain  Theresa Hersh Stonington Borough Volunteer Fire Dept. April 22nd 2018



The heavy vehicle stabilization and lifting class was outstanding. It was well taught and extremely valuable to the members who attended. The information and guidance provided improves our ability to serve the public. I look forward to the next time we can work together.
 Kind regards,
Todd J Branche Chief Cohanzie September 14, 2017

  I just wanted to say thank you to you and your crew for a very successful class. I think it’s safe to say that everyone who took the RIT class brought home some valuable skills. Thanks again, you will come highly recommended from our dept.

DC Phil Bascetta Winsted Fire Dept. September 24, 2017

"The Flash Fire Trailer and CT Custom Fire Training Instructors were nothing short of fantastic.  The one-two punch of very realistic and versatile forcible entry props, combined with top quality instruction, made for some of the most valuable training we have ever had.  Without exception, every Firefighter and Officer that participated in the training said they loved it".

Chief Jay Kolakoski

Bristol Fire Department  

May 31, 2017

"I wanted to give you some feedback from last nights drill. It went very very well! The guys afterwards were talking about what a great drill it was and how they feel like it's all really coming together for them. I can't tell you how happy I am with your company and your services, this has worked out fantastically, thank you very much".   

Chief R. Trocchi Cheshire CT F.D. 2-27-17


"The experience brought to us by Paul & the other instructors was worth twice the price the cost of the program. Great Day!" Career/Volunteer Hebron CT 10-15-16


"Great hands on experience, closest thing to real world as it gets" Volunteer Firefigher Hebron CT 10-15-16



I would like to thank you and your crew for an excellent evening of training. It was unfortunately not as well attended as I had hoped, however you and your team adapted exceptionally to the various levels of our firefighters  from newbie, to my more seasoned members.


Capt. Brendan Ryan

Bethel CT Fire Dept. Airbag Training October 10,2016


The forcible entry training was top notch. I can speak for myself when I observed and participated in it the instructors were knowledgeable as well as approachable to ask any question and they went out of their way to answer questions and provide guidance on local problems we encounter.  I personally enjoyed the level of difficulty and problem solving strategy offered by the instructors. I believe their reputations and commitment to the fire service were reflected in their passion for training which transmitted a "can do attitude "to all members present adding to the level of motivation during this training. Stay Safe & Thanks again. Captain Jermaine Atkinson Stratford, CT Fire Department Forcible Entry July 2016


"Thank you again for the class. It was very informative and I took a lot away from it. All of the instructors are op notch" Mark Nimons Ansonia Fire Dept. Co. Ops 7-16-16

"I found the class exceeded my expectations. The combination of technical experience of the instructors and the encouragement of critical thinking made a perfect learning environment. The students learned from each others ideas and the instructors encouraged our ideas and joined us in the success of our experiments. Thank you for your time and expertise. I look forward to the next opportunity to learn with you". 

Gaynelle Crofts

Franklin Volunteer Fire Department.

Open Enrollment Lifting & Stabilization Enfield, C.T. May 14th & 15th 2016 

"Great class, knowledgable, experienced instructors" Voluneer firefighter Jamestown R.I. 4-23-16

"One of the best fire service classes I have ever taken" Career/Volunteer Firefighter Jamestown R.I. 4-24-16

"Definitely worth the 2 hour drive. Highly recommended". Career Firefighter Central Falls R.I. L-1485 

"Best forcible entry class I have ever taken" Career Firefighter Trumbull open enrollment 4/2/16

“From classroom, to Hands on, to reliable training = awesome training, the team of instructors made you feel part of the team.”
Volunteer/Career Firefighter Enfield CT 10/31/15

“Best hands on real life simulations I’ve seen”
Career Firefighter Enfield CT 10/31/15

“Props present a lot of real life challenges and push you through the paces to the very end of the day”
Volunteer Firefighter Thompsonville CT 10/31/15

“Great Program, seasoned instructors, I look forward to the next class.”
Career firefighter

“Great instructors, make everyone feel comfortable with training, learned a great deal”
Career firefighter 10/25/15 Trumbull open enrollment

“We don’t have a lot of fires anymore, I’m so glad I came to improve my skill set”
Volunteer/Career firefighter

 “The instructors are all very qualified. These guys have a ton of experience but they make you comfortable not knowing all that they do”                                                                                     Volunteer firefighter Sound Beach Fire Department Old Greenwich CT 2/3/16

"The class was excellent, came away with some new techniques and knowledge. Never too old to learn something new"                                                               Career/Volunteer Firefighter West Redding CT 1/18/16