TL-9 Stabilizer

The TL-9 is made from half inch solid steel, with a 6 x 6 base plate, and 4 1/2 inch gusseted towers spaced approximately 2 inches apart. The solid base plate increases the contact surface area with the ground while the towers provide lateral support for the tool. In addition, there is a solid steel traveling limit pin between the towers that prevents the spreaders from opening beyond 70%. At 70%, lift heights have ranged between 19-30 inches depending on the H.R.T. unit.  When the traveling pin reaches the tops of the towers it locks the lower tip of the spreader into a groove at the front of the plate which works to increase overall stability.
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Custom Tool Modifications

CCFT staff specialize in modifying standard firefighting tools to improve their functionality on the fire ground. Our findings are based on observations made in the field during usage at actual fire’s & emergencies. Through countless hours of trial & error we’ve identified specific modifications that can be made to a Halligan that greatly enhance its functionality in various forcible entry scenarios. Allow us to customize your Irons to enhance the speed & efficiency of entry. We can; thin the forks & the adz, set proper depth gauges, shoulder the tool, add vent links etc. All of our modifications are done by hand and specific to your needs.
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Custom Cribbing Packages

Connecticut Custom Fire Training has joined forces with Connecticut Custom Cribbing to provide our customers with high quality man made stabilization equipment. We use only the finest Douglas Fir or Southern Pine # 1 grade lumber available to produce our cribbing. All of our products follow the FEMA F.O.G. manual specifications for timber cribbing. Allow us to evaluate your department and design a cribbing package that suits your needs. We can supply you with standard 4 x 4 & 2 x 4 blocks, 4 x 4 & 2 x 4 wedges, or specialty cribbing suitcases, super step chocks, plywood pads, and space case kits.
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The Cribbing Suitcase Kit

This kit allows responders to transports a sufficient amount of cribbing to a rescue scene in quick & efficient manner. You can begin initial stabilization or start a lifting operation using the components of this kit. Each kit contains 6 4 x 4 blocks, 4 2 x 4 blocks, 4 4 x 4 wedges, and 1 20 x 20 inch plywood triple pad.
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Space Case Kit

For our customers with passenger or commuter rail in their districts a space case call is a real possibility. A space case scenario is when a person becomes trapped between a train & the train platform. The space case kit allows you to place your high pressure airbags in the gap between the train and the platform to perform a horizontal displacement in order to remove the victim. Without the kit, placing the airbags will be extremely difficult and potentially dangerous. Allow CCFT to build a space case kit exclusively for your department so you can handle this rescues safely & effectively.
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Thru-the-Lock Pliers

Connecticut Custom Fire Training can modify your channel lock pliers to function as a multi-purpose thru-the-lock tool. With the modified Channel Lock you can easily pull a cylinder and manipulate various locks including most mortise & rim locks. With the custom key tool end you will be able to easily manipulate the Narrow Stiles mortise lock which is common on most store front doors. With these pliers your entry will be swift & efficient, with virtually no damage done to the establishment.
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Fire Hooks Unlimited

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